Kwikbit Solutions

Deploy high performance, flexible wireless distribution networks, wherever you need them.

Kwikbit's advanced 60 GHz gigabit distribution networks provide unparalleled performance, all with versatile and fast deployment enabled by our edge and cloud automation tools. Kwikbit gives you gigabit connectivity where you need it, when you need it.

Indoor Solutions

Whether you’re connecting IoT systems in a smart factory or building, backhauling Wi-Fi access points, or running a multi-camera security system, our 60 GHz distribution networks give you the capacity and flexibility to rapidly adjust and grow along the way.

Outdoor Solutions

Advanced 60 GHz and NLOS radio solutions for gigabit access, smart city, network on demand, 5G small cells and other applications where high performance, quick deployment, low TCO and flexibility are needed.

Cloud & Automation

Edge and cloud based automation tools enable quick and easy installation, commissioning and management of our indoor and outdoor distribution networks.

Kwikbit's Gigabit Wireless

Fast and Flexible

High Performance

Multi-gigibit throughput and less than 500 microseconds latency

Quick Deployment

Large distribution networks installed in hours versus days


Quick and easy to make network changes and add capacity when and where needed

Lower Cost

Industry leading price-performance with lower TCO than cabled alternatives

About Kwikbit

Kwikbit is a gigabit wireless technology company that builds intelligent, cloud-driven radios to enable rapidly deployed, lower cost, high performance and flexible distribution networks. Kwikbit’s technology enables you to quickly implement gigabit access to support any purpose, from smart factories in rural areas to high-speed access in dense, urban cores.

Management Team

Leading the industry with the right experience.

Khurram Sheikh


Innovator who helped pioneer 4G & Wi-Fi technologies, networks and services across the mobile and cable industry.

Joe Costello


Most recently the CEO of Enlighted Inc.—a smart buildings start up acquired by Siemens—and was the CEO of Cadence Design Systems.

Vladimir Kelman

President and Chief Technology Officer

27+ years wireless technology experience. Most recently, co-founder and VP of Development for NextNet Wireless, the first widely deployed NLOS broadband access system. 

Ron Eibensteiner

Board Member

As the founder and sole shareholder of Wyncrest Capital, has been a very active investor in the health care, telecom and software space for the past 35 years.

Gregory Kaster

VP of Operations

25 years+ of experience in supply chain and manufacturing operations—including Head of Supply Chain Management Business Operations at Nokia.

Erwin Kelen

Board Member

Venture capitalist and angel investor for the past twenty years, Principal of the Quatris Fund, an early stage VC firm, and the founder of Kelen Ventures.

Kyle Krug

VP of Marketing and Business Development

15 years+ experience in the broadband wireless industry, both with vendors and operators. Previously responsible for sales territory management (US, Canada, Asia-Pacific) at NextNet Wireless and Motorola.

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